Sunday, February 22, 2015

Everything is Awesome!

Anyway, HIIIII!! I miss you, Mama and Pops. Things are great though. And I'm not just saying that to make you happy. I truly am loving it so far. The first day I got into the MTC I heard the word "awesome" like 157 times. People kept saying: The mission is awesome! That's awesome! Missionary work is awesome! You are awesome! EVERYTHING is awesome. So naturally I got the Lego movie song, "Everything is awesome" stuck in my head ALL day. Everyone here is really nice and I seriously LUCKED out on my companion. Her name is Sister Simpson and we get along so well. She is from Pocatello, Idaho and she is also going to South Carolina. There are actually a couple of missionaries here going to South Carolina on March 3rd. Oh! That's the day I go by the way! My district is a lot filled with really great people. We are all so different from each other but we get along so well. They put you right to work here. We don't stop learning. Time has actually gone by pretty fast. It goes by fast when you really put your heart into studying. The first day I was here I kept getting the impression, "Laura, speak. I'll help you, just speak." I keep speaking and the Spirit keeps filling my mouth with words the more I study. Gosh, I'm crying already thinking about all the Heavenly help I have gotten just in the past two days. Now I know what people are saying when they say people on the other side are helping the missionaries. It all makes sense now.  I have already gotten the chance to play the piano. No one in my branch plays so I get to accompany every time we sing. Haha I am REALLY glad I practiced the hymns before I left. Mama, thank you for always helping me with the piano when I just little. I realize now how important it is. I am not the best piano player in the world but I am really grateful I know how to read music. I love you Mom and Dad SO much. Thank you for helping me get on this mission and paying for it. I am so lucky to call you my parents.  I'll write you again on Tuesday. That's my P-day! HUGS AND KISSIES!!! 
Sister Ashton (Baby girl)

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