Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Peter's Ready!

 4th of July fun with our traditional 4th of July Shirts! 

Emily! Love her! 

One of my favorite families in the corner. The Postons. :) 

Happy 4th of July from "The Corner!" It sounds like it was a great weekend for everybody. Lots of fun for the kids! Mine was good too. On the evening of the 4th of July Ursala and her husband made us lemon-peppered wings for dinner and it was so good. I just worry that Ursala used the same steak knife to cut the chicken that she does to get the criminals in town. Ha-hah! You never know with her. ;) It was so fun!  4th of July was also an exciting day for us because our progressing investigator, Peter, told us something real great! He said, "I have come to the conclusion that 'John Smith' did not just make this Book up. It would be impossible. I know it's true. I want to be baptized." We are so happy for Peter!! He is ready to make the changes to which is so exciting. He is scheduled for baptism on August 15. We are going to try to make it sooner with Peter but we will see what this week brings! 

This week is going to be full of more changes. President Turner gave me another call this week. Always freaks me out when I see his name on the caller I.D. He called saying that they are having even more sisters coming in this transfer and we don't have enough trainers in the mission so we are becoming a three pack training companionship. It should be exciting! She is in the middle of her training so she has been out for 6 weeks. So she's green but not THAT green. So, I am "adopting a baby." Ursala already named her of coarse. It's going to be Sister Teresa! So Sister Ruth, Sister Hill and Sister Teresa! I will let you know how everything goes and send you lots of pictures of our new sister!  

D-money. Otherwise known as Dan. He thinks he's a gangster! ;) 

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