Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Poppin in Moncks Corner

Sister Ashton & Dan

Sister Ruth-Mepkin Abbey

Sister Rachel and Sister Ruth
Hey everybody! It has been a GREAT week in Moncks Corner. We are seeing a lot of success here and it is really exciting. We had 5 of our investigators show up for church. It was REALLY exciting. Never has that happened before to us here in "the corner." It was really exciting and ward was really excited too. Maybe a little bit too excited. One of the ward members told one of our investigators that this ward was going to "soak him with love and then dunk him with baptism." Oh man. Ha-ha. Moncks Corner is the funniest place. It was all sorts of excitement over here.
It was a really cool week though because we just had a conference with President Turner about faith two weeks ago and he talked about faith being a power. President Turner said once you start to use this power of faith and set goals to make things happen trials will happen during this process. We definitely were tried a lot these past two weeks but we tried our best and kept moving forward and God blessed us. We really didn't do anything other then practice faith and diligence and God did the rest. During the conference, president talked about how last year the mission had set a goal to baptize 720 people in South Carolina but right after they made that goal our number of missionaries dropped dramatically because of all of the missionaries going home after the big surge. He talked about that we are fewer in numbers but that just means we need to have more faith and miracles will happen. His talk was basically all about a book Pops gave me before the mission called, "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven." We need miracles to happen but miracles only come after great faith. It's starting to happen! The baptisms in the mission are already starting to climb and things are starting to happen here in the corner. It's really cool to be apart of it all. Sister Hill and I are excited to work this week!
I love you all so much! Thank you for all the support you always give me!

Sister Ruth ;)

Ursala with her Kitchen knife to get the criminals DNA and lipstick...because Ursala tells us to never go anywhere without a Kitchen knife and lipstick. Ha-ha this lady KILLS me.

We got iPads!

Practicing piano for nights. It's a good stress reliever. :D

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