Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Good Shepherd

Sister Mary and Sister Ruth

Hello Family! Happy Easter to you all! 

I hope you guys had a fun weekend! Mine was SO great! I have A LOT and A LOT of chocolate, just what I love! Mama you are the best! :D 
This week was good!! We did A LOT of service this week. Ha-ha!  Maybe TOO MUCH yard work. We planted a garden, raked leaves, did laundry, the works! It was a good week but we were tired! We want to spend more time proselyting this week for sure. But we met a lot of people because of it and we have some appointments set up for next week.
We had a lesson with the cutest old lady this week. It was a good lesson but she thought we were Amish. Ha-ha oh well, Amish are cool! We cleared it up and hopefully she understands. 
Fun facts of the week:
Monck's corner is BEAUTIFUL....well in some parts. Still it's really green and pretty in the spring with little pockets of lakes and rivers. It's breathtaking! 
Another fact! I saw another Alligator. I am going to stop counting! It's just a normal thing now. TIP: if an alligator chases after you, run away in a zigzag. It throws them off apparently......that's what people keep demonstrating at least! 
I love Easter! This conference weekend was amazing. Easter morning I read the parable of the Good Shepherd in John 10. When I read this, I asked myself why? Why would a Shepherd risk his life for a seemingly insignificant sheep? I can only think of one reason why. We must be pretty important to that Shepherd. He must think each of those sheep are of value and are precious. I cannot begin to comprehend to understand the love the Good Shepherd has for his sheep. I know that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, and He loves us, His sheep, so much that He died for us. He was the perfect example. He did everything for us. I know that He Lives! He has His gospel again on the earth. It is the very least I can do as one of his sheep to completely live my life for this gospel. I am just a person but with God I can do all things.  


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