Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Plan of Salvation

Sister Swanson and Sister Ashton

Hello to all my favorite humans!
Sounds like a happenin' week! Spencer and Nadine are moving to North Carolina?? What??? I am SO excited! It's beautiful here! You chose a great place to live I'd say. :) Well it's been another great week in Monck's Corner! Every week is an adventure. We always meet characters every week. It is just part of the mission life I guess. We also had the privilege of meeting another one of our friendly reptiles this week. This one is named Alfred the Alligator. He was a BIG one!
We spent a lot of our week finding people to teach and doing a lot of service. There was a big explosion at Mepkin Abbey this week. One of the serve workers is a little older and he decided to have a hay-day with the leaf blowers and made quite the mess. So we spent hours cleaning Mepkin up so it could look nice for Easter. It was really tiring but also so fun. Ursala, the lady we work with, is always a hoot. 
Other than that, my week has been a blur with lots of finding and meeting new people. We found two new investigators. We hope that the lessons go well this week. One of the investigators we ran into had just lost her husband and my companion shared a really good scripture to comfort her. We are going back to teach her the Plan of Salvation. So I hope she feels the Spirit and realizes that she will see her husband again. 
I love you all! 
Thank you for all your support and prayers! 
Our friend Ursula.

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