Sunday, May 24, 2015

What should wear to Church?

Roadside Berries

Peanut Truck
Hello everyone! It’s been another great week in Moncks Corner! There are always surprises and interesting things happening in the Corner. The week started off with bang. We knocked into this man's house which had a ton of cans EVERYWHERE! The man wasn't interested in our message; but we asked him if we could help him pick up all of the cans from his yard. (We serve with this lady at Mepkin Abbey who picks up cans off the street and sells them for money and we thought we could give them to her to help her out.) The man was grateful to get his empty cans off his hands. The only problem was that they are basically ALL beer cans.  So we loaded them into the car and took them as fast as we could to Ursala's house. Can you image two sister missionaries with a huge bag of empty  beer cans? (Not a good image for the missionaries.) Ursala took them off our hands. We showed up to her door step and held up the bag of cans and said, "We met a drunk." It was quite the scene! The lady who sells the cans made a lot of money though! It was a pretty big bag.   The the rest of the week consisted of frogs jumping into the house and sending everyone amuck during a lesson, and kids jumping around everywhere to add to the scene. It's always an adventure in Moncks Corner.

Miracles in Moncks Corner
The BIGGEST miracle happened this week!  Several months ago the sisters were knocking on doors and met a woman who answered the door and strongly declared that the Book of Mormon was of the devil. The sisters asked if she knew anyone who was in need of service or help. She mentioned that her friend could use some help because he was going through a rough time. The sisters contacted him and he and was baptized one week into my mission.  The woman started to warm up to us a bit and we helped her plant her garden.  Well on Saturday we were teaching a lesson about the atonement and she joined us in the middle of the lesson. After the lesson she asked us, "What should I wear to church?" We were a little surprised coming from the woman who once thought the Mormons were of the devil. She said she would come to church and SHE DID! She LOVED IT! She stayed the whole time. After church she turned to us and said, "This is a GOOD kind of different. I am coming back next week." Every heart can be softened :) 

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