Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's a Comfort Zone?

Rachel and her cute newly adopted daughter, Emily.

Feeding my favorite horse, Georgia

Some of my favorite ladies at the rest home we visit.
Hello all from Moncks Corner! It's been an eventful week in the Corner. We had the big I-pad training this week. It was really good. I am actually getting excited for them to come. It should be really useful for investigators. We get the I-pads in about 3 weeks but we aren't going to be on Facebook for another 3 months! So that's good! Not that I am anti-Facebook or anything. It just has been a nice break. :)
We had a really good lesson with a really cool couple, Betty and Patrick. We met Patrick a couple weeks back but didn't think too much about it but we went over to his house again and his wife was there. They are both searching for the gospel. Pray for them! We hope that this week goes well with them.
Well, Sister and Swanson and I got a call from President Turner on Friday. Sister Swanson is getting transferred to Columbia to be a Sister Training leader, which is like a zone leader but for the sisters. I am going to miss Sister Swanson lots and lots but I am excited for her new adventure. Another surprise came with the phone call as well. I got called to be a trainer. I am a little overwhelmed. This is going to be like a toddler training a baby how to walk ha-ha. Pray for me? I am excited to meet the greenie though. We pick her up on Wednesday in Columbia. Sister Swanson and I told Ursula that Sister Swanson was leaving. Ursula said that she is going to call President Turner and tell him that she would convert to Mormonism if he let Sister Swanson stay ha-ha. There was also a big argument among Ursula and friends what the new sister's name was going to be. After a long discussion they decided to name her Sister Rachel. So it's Sister Ruth and Sister Rachel in Moncks Corner now. Training lasts for three months so I am going to stay in Moncks Corner for another three months. :)
We got lots and lots to do today so I better go! I love you all! Thank you for all your prayers!


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